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Taking on the role of caregiver is a life-changing decision. I know, because I took care of both of my parents when my mother had a  stroke and could no longer care for my father, who was a diabetic on dialysis. After my  mother survived her stroke she was severely aphasic (lost her ability to use language to communicate) and was left with  right sided paralysis.

The knowledge I gained from being a caregiver for eight years and  working at National Stroke Association educated me about the needs of caregivers. I regularly with work with many organizations like American Heart/American Stroke Association, Colorado Area Agency on Aging, Colorado Latino Age Wave and Easter Seals, offering workshops for family caregivers, professionals and survivors. In my classes we discuss the challenges of caring for a loved one and use journal techniques to find personal solutions. I am a Certified Instructor of the Journal to the Self® and offer workshops to help you personally grow as a caregiver to find ways to care for you and maintain your identity while caring for your loved one. Learn more about how you can participate in a workshop.

The advice given on this site is from my observations, challenges and experiences of caring for a stroke survivor for 8 years and working with other caregivers. I am not a medical professional nor do I give medical advice. My goal is to share the lessons I learned along my caregiving journey so that you can smoothly navigate your own. Caregiving can be one of the most challenging things you will ever do. It can also be the most rewarding. I encourage you to join our free online membership for exclusive and practical tips and resources for your own journey as a caregiver.

Lori Ramos Lemasters


Mission Statement provides practical, non-medical information to care partners, care givers and professionals in a format that is clear, to the point and user friendly.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to assist non professional care partners and caregivers maneuver through the health care system and their day-to-day challenges. It is also our vision to help caregivers, care partners and professionals manage the feelings and emotions of caregiving using the techniques of Journal Writing and Journal to the Self® workshops.

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