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Your Loved One Depends on You…

No matter what your situation, your loved one is depending on you to provide the best care, to help manage the illness, and get the best results possible in the recovery process. As a care partner your time may be limited, your energy drained, often money is tight, and you can feel frustrated and lost. Our free membership is designed to give you tools to equip you for your new role.

The members’ only section of is set up in sections according to areas of care. Members have exclusive access to information that can be customized for your situation—because too much information at once can be overwhelming.

Care Partners Resources Main Areas for learning:

  • Acute or Life Threatening
  • Non-Acute Hospitalized/Not Life Threatening
  • Long-Term Home/Rehab/Long-Term Care Facility

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  • printable questionnaires that will help maximize time with medical professionals and give you answers that will help you determine the best care plan for your loved one
  • Time-saving tips and tricks to help you maneuver through the medical system and obtain the best possible care for your loved one
  • Recommendations for getting additional insurance-paid care and extra help in the house
  • Ideas for creating a care plan and building a care team that will enhance your care partnering experience
  • How to hire the best caregiver for your dollar
  • Proven strategies to help your family agree on care decisions without unnecessary and unhelpful arguments
  • Links to sites that will save you time, energy, money and frustration
  • Journaling classes that can help you grow as a caregiver

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Care Partners Resource