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You May Be A Care Partner and Not Know It

You may be a care partner and not know it.

You may think what you’re doing for your mom or spouse or uncle or sister or friend doesn’t really count as caregiving.

It’s just a little help.
It’s just for now.
It’s just what you’re supposed to do in these situations.

The truth is what you’re doing does count as caregiving and it does make you a care partner to your loved one.

You may be a care partner and find great value in a free online membership if:

  • You have taken on a leadership role for a loved one who is unable to manage day-to-day life due to an illness such as a stroke, Alzheimer’s, MS, dementia or any other health issue that limits independent living.
  • You are caring for a loved one for a short recovery period.
  • You are the only caregiver helping with daily needs, are managing the household, or are supervising doctor visits and medications.
  • You are one of a team of people working together to make sure your loved one has the most up-to-date care available.
  • You are a loving family member who is overseeing the care by phone, adding value to decision making and occasional visits.
  • Your role as a care partner can even change from one level of care to another and back again, depending on what your loved one needs.

No matter what your role, as a member of this site we will help you navigate your way through the challenges of caregiving and get the best care for your loved one. Join us today.

Care Partners Resource