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FAQ’s – Why keep a Journal

Journaling is a tool for anyone no matter your writing abilities or age. No matter your situation journal writing can be an especially effective tool for caregivers and care partners. It provides a low cost outlet to help manage emotions that you feel you cannot express, such as anger, resentment, or fear. Left unresolved, these feelings can manifest in unhealthy ways.

A Journal is a friend in need – Not only is your journal always there for you, but it’s a valuable tool in the process of growth. You’ll find there is always a friend at your fingertips, ready to listen and console and will not judge your thoughts or feelings.

Heal your relationships – Your journal provides a safe forum to ventilate strong feelings that may not be appropriate for direct expression. When caring for a loved one you bring with it the happy memories of the past along with the hurts and struggles which may be unresolved. Using writing techniques can help find resolution to make for a better care partnering relationship.

Your Journal can be a place to manage anger and stress – In many caregiving situations emotions arise daily that you may not be able to express in a constructive manner. Using your journal to process your emotions is a healthy way to manage these feelings and release pent up anger, fear and frustrations.

Maximize time and manage efficiency – Caregivers wear many hats and have to juggle appointments with doctors, therapists, work, to name a few. This can leave a caregiver feeling overwhelmed and unable to find time for themselves. As a time and task management tool, your journal has few peers.

Manage your own Self Care – Because of the nature of caring for a loved one it is easy to lose your identity in the process. The daily struggles of caring for a loved one make it easy to forget to care for yourself. Journaling is an excellent way to manage your feelings of guilt or give yourself permission to take a long bath, a walk in nature or meet a friend for coffee.

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