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Caregiving the Write Way

Lori uses Journal to the Self® therapeutic writing techniques in her workshops. This style of journal writing can be helpful in managing everyday challenges that come with caring for a loved one. When you are Caregiving the Write Way you can identify problems and find practical solutions.

Self-Care, YEAH Write

Caring for a loved one comes with a host of feelings. There are days filled with love and happiness but it is also reasonable to expect to experience emotions like anger, grief, regret, guilt, and frustration. My goal in developing this website is to help care partners understand these emotions, learn healthy ways to manage and express them and offer practical tips and resources to make your time as a CarePartner more fulfilling.

Each class teaches how to use a journal as a source of self-care. Journal writing is an excellent way to express thoughts and feelings in a safe non-judgmental environment that allows you to find solutions to the daily challenges of caring for a loved one.

For more information on where you can attend a class see the calendar page or if you prefer to take a private self-guided class, you can contact Lori at

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