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Questions to Ask in the Hospital Setting

You’re at the hospital with your loved one’s urgent health crisis, these questions are helpful in navigating your loved one’s journey to recovery or relief.

Acute or Life-Threatening: Acute care is the critical care phase, generally requiring 24-hour care. The goal of acute care is to stabilize patients so they can be sent home or to another facility.

Questions to Ask at the Hospital

  1. What are the acute health challenges?
  2. What is the immediate life-threatening health concern(s) at this moment?
  3. What is the plan to stabilize? How long might this take?
  4. What are you looking to find with each medical test? If you find what you are expecting, what is
    the plan? If you do not see what you are looking for, what is the next step?
  5. Is there pain? If so can it be minimized? Note: Keep an eye on pain medication; ideally you want
    to ease the pain without completely diminishing consciousness and ability to answer doctor’s
  6. When will it be okay to bring in some items from home?
  7. When do you feel a discharge to home is feasible?
  8. Can someone come to assess the home for accessibility?
  9. Are there financial resources to cover home modifications?
  10. If going to a rehab do they recommend some in the area so you can go visit and assess?
  11. Ask what is covered by your insurance/ Medicare/Medicaid and for how long?
  12. Who do you speak to about learning the care activities need to care for your loved one
  13. What can you/family do during visits to assist in recovery?
  14. Culture is a part of who they are and can affect recovery, ask the care team to accommodate
    things like more people in a room, or special foods, etc.
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