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Tips for Hiring an Agency Caregiver

Here are some tips for hiring an agency caregiver. Getting answers to these questions will help you come to a confident decision on the caring of your loved one.


Ask your physician, therapists, family and friends for recommendations on agencies.


Interview several different agencies before deciding on one.

These questions may help in the decision-making process:

    • How long have you been in business?
    • What is your turn over rate?
    • How many employees do you have in this area?

    • Is it possible to train more than one person to care for my loved one? For some people this will not be an issue; however, for some, this will be huge. In our case, my mother required assistance with transferring and also had challenges speaking. It wasn’t easy for a new, untrained person to handle her daily responsibilities. With two or three people trained, I was more prepared when someone called in sick.

    • Are you bonded & insured?

    • Do you perform background checks? If so how detailed is the check? Is it a credit and driving record? Does it include a criminal check? In just your state or nationwide?

    • Does the agency handle payroll and taxes?

    • How often do you bill and on what days? Make sure this fits into your budget schedule; if not, ask if there is an option to adjust to your schedule.
  • Keep detailed notes with your likes and dislikes as it may be necessary to change agencies. I have found that an agency’s salesperson may not reflect the actual quality of the caregiver.

This is an important part of putting together a care team for your loved one.

Lori Lemasters

Lori Lemasters

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