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  • Welcome to Care Partners Resource is your partner in caregiving, helping you navigate your way through the challenges of caring for your loved one, whether it is full time, part-time or at a distance. Our goal is to help you get the answers you need as you need them and teach you techniques to help maintain your identity and manage your own self care. We offer Care Assessment, Workshops, Group Facilitation and Public Speaking.
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  • Consulting/Facilitating/Speaking

    Lori works with many organizations such as American Heart and Stroke Association, National Stroke Association, Colorado Latino Age Wave, Easter Seals of Colorado facilitating focus groups, speaking to caregivers and staff and publishing articles about the unique needs of family caregivers and helping identify solutions to daily challenges.

    Lori's passion is helping caregivers manage the stress of caring for a loved one. She teaches practical time saving tips helping caregivers find time for self-care. Every class includes the use of journal techniques which help caregivers find solutions daily challenges and feelings of caring for a loved one.

    Lori welcomes the opportunity to develop a program for your organization or speak at your next event.

    To discuss availability please contact Lori by email at: or call 303.903.5900


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    Using a journal can help manage caregiver stress. Here are some sentence stems to help you get started:

    Today I need..........
    Self-care is .................................
    My recipe for self-care ................
    When I feel stressed .................

    Limit these journal writes to 5 minutes. Then re-read what you wrote and write for two more minutes starting with:

    I am surprised by .....
    I did not realize that ....... or
    reading this I feel......

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  • Caregiver Wellness Trainings and Workshops

    Caregiver Self-Care Class In partnership with:
    Colorado Respite Coalition

    January through June 2017
    3rd Thursdays:
    Seniors' Resource Center WR
    10-11:30 and
    Belleview Heights Alzheimer's Aurora
    6:00 - 7:30 pm

    * February 10 1:30 - 3:00pm
    Senior Hub - Aurora, CO
    * February 22 10:00-12:00pm
    Su Teatro - Denver, Co
    * March 9 11:00 -12:00 pm
    City of Thornton - Kinship class
    * March 15th 10:30-12:00pm
    The ARC - Lakewood
    *April 11- 2- 3:30
    Senior Hub- Federal Heights
    *April 13th 10 - 11:30
    Senior Hub - Brighton

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