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  • Journal Classes: Manage Your Stress: Cultivating Personal Respite (Build A Care Plan that works for you:) Maintain Your Identity While Caregiving:

    Take online Journal classes designed specifically for caregivers. Learn how to use your journal to manage stress and maintain self-care.
    • Understand the need for personal respite
    • Giving yourself permission to ask for help
    • Identify ways to free time and build a support team
    • Manage exhaustion, stress, loneliness and identify triggers
    • Learn healthy stress release options and find personal fulfillment as a caregiver
    • Use journal techniques as a form of self care
    • Create a plan of consistent personal respite time

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  • A little about Lori Ramos Cavallo, founder of,

    I was a caregiver to my mother, a stroke survivor and father a dialysis patient during the final eight years of their lives. I had no idea the impact this would have on my life. My journey took me in many directions and I discovered that most of us go into caring for our loved ones with little or no idea what is involved.
    As a caregiver I struggled with stress and depression and turned to Kathleen Adams, Director of the Center for Journal Therapy. She taught me techniques to use my journal as a form of self therapy. By doing so I found I was better able to manage the immense challenges of caregiving. I became a certified Journal to the Self® Instructor and offer classes on this site as well as in person and speak to support groups on the importance and responsibility of self-care while caring for a loved one.
    I hope you find my website helpful and I wish you many blessings on your caregiving journey.

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  • Lori and Lupe: A Mother-Daughter Story

    By Jean Torkelson, Stroke Smart Magazine

    As the third daughter in a sprawling, yet close-knit family, Lori Cavallo always knew where she stood. In their high-achieving family, Lori recalls, “Gloria was the favorite daughter, Susie was the challenging daughter — and I was her best

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